The Digital Darkroom
Developed and Instructed by James Gordley 2004-2009
All illustrations and graphics  done using Photoshop Elements.

Redeye Removal Tool

Redeye Removal Options Bar

Redeye, a common flash photography problem.

Select the tool from the tool box, set the parameters in the options bar then drag the tool across the offending area, or click on a red portion of the eye.

Use of the Redeye Reduction Tool helps.

To use the Red Eye Removal tool, select the tool from the tool box then drag across the offending eye area. Or just click within the "red area" of the eye. When you release the mouse button the red eye removal is done. Results from the use of this tool vary. One thing the red eye removal does not do is put the color of the persons eye back into your photograph. To get those kinds of results you will need to manually remove red eye, or touch up after using the Red Eye Removal tool.

Manually removing redeye gives better results but can be time consuming.