Recommended Tools

Portable Storage Devices

Thumb Drive. Image copyright 2007 James Gordley all rights reservedPortable storage (memory) devices used for storing and transporting data. These devices are a great way to transport your files from one work location to another. Most computers today will recognize a jump Drive or Flash Drive as a plug and play device. Plug the device into an available USB port and and you instantly have a new storage device ready to be used in the same way as any of the other storage device available to the computer.

Digital Camera

image copyright 2010 James Gordley all rights reservedWhile we will not be using a digital camera in the class it is the best way to get digital images. There are other methods of obtaining digital images, your very own digital camera is by far the most straightforward approach.

Flatbed Scanner

Scanner.  image copyright 2007 James Gordley all rights reservedA flatbed scanner composed of a glass pane under which there is a bright light which illuminates the pane, and a moving optical array. Images to be scanned are placed face down on the glass, an opaque cover is lowered over it to exclude ambient light, and the sensor array and light source move across the pane, reading the entire area. An image is therefore visible to the charge-coupled device only because of the light it reflects. Transparent images such as slides do not work in this way, and require special accessories that illuminate them from the upper side.

Graphics Tablet

Graphics Tablet. image copyright 2010 James Gordley all rights reserved Graphics tablets, because of their stylus-based interface and ability to detect pressure levels, tilt, and other attributes of the stylus and its interaction with the tablet, offer a very natural way to create computer graphics. Many graphics packages like Photoshop Elements are able to make use of the pressure information generated by a tablet, by modifying the brush size, shape, opacity, color, or other attributes based on data received from the graphics tablet.


All of the examples that we will work with in the class will be provided. There may be time in class to work with your own images For example we will learn how to adjust the color balance of images, if you know that you have an image that you would like to work with bring the image file to class.

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