The Digital Darkroom
 Developed and Instructed by James Gordley 2004-2009
 All illustrations and graphics  done using Photoshop Elements.

Using pop-up sliders

    A number of palettes and dialog boxes contain settings that use pop-up sliders (for example, the Opacity option in the Layers palette). If there is a triangle triangle icon next to the text box, you can activate the pop-up slider by clicking the triangle.

To use a pop-up slider:

bulletClick the triangle next to the setting to open the pop-up slider box, and drag the slider or angle radius to the desired value. Click outside the slider box or press Enter or Return to close the slider box. To cancel changes, press the Escape key (Esc).

    To increase or decrease values in 10% increments when the pop-up slider box is open, hold down Shift and press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow. You can also highlight the numerical window and use the Up Arrow or Down Arrow to increase or decrease values one digit at a time.