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Using the options bar

    The first thing you should do after you select a tool is set its options in the options bar. By default, the options bar appears below the shortcuts bar at the top of the work area. The options bar is context sensitive, which means that it changes as you select different tools. Some settings in the options bar are common to several tools, and some are specific to one tool.

    Displayed above is the options bar for the Brush tool. Each tool has different options which will appear on the options bar when you select the tool.

To use the options bar:

  1. Select a tool. (See Using the tools.)
  2. Look in the options bar to see the available options. For more information on setting options for a specific tool, search for the tool's name in online Help.

To return a tool or all tools to the default settings:

    Click the tool icon in the options bar, then choose Reset Tool or Reset All Tools from the context menu.