Using the Magic Wand Tool

The Magic Wand tool will select (or mask) a specific color range depending on the amount of tolerance specified in the tool options bar. The Magic Wand Tool settings are located on the Tool Options Bar They include.

  • New selection (default)
    Creates a new selection each time the tool is actuated. Creating a new selection will deselect any current selection.
  • Add to selection
  • Subtract From selection
  • Intersect with selection
  • Tolerance (default 32)
  • Anti-alias (default Checked)
  • Contiguous (default checked)
  • Sample all Layers (default unchecked)
  • Refine Edge


How to use the Magic Wand Tool

  1. Click on the Magic Wand tool in the tool box
  2. Check the options in the options bar.
    • Tolerance values range from 0-255. The higher the tolerance level the more colors will be selected.
    • For a smoother edge to the selection select the anti-aliased option.
    • To select only the areas that are conected use the contiguious setting. If not selected all similar colors will be selected.
    • To select arears from the entire image (all layers) use the Sample all Layers option.
  3. Place the cursor on the color that is to be selected and click.
  4. To add more area or colors to the selection use [SHIFT + CLICK]
  5. To subtract areas from the selection use [ALT + CLICK]
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