The Digital Darkroom
Developed and Instructed by James Gordley 2004-2008

Getting Help

Photoshop Elements is a very complex and powerful application.  If you are a beginner, new to the world of the digital dark room it can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately Photoshop Elements 3.0  comes with an extensive help library. With Contents, Indexing, and a Glossary the help topics are easy to find and understand. Opening the help screen can be done in different ways.

To open the Help Documents do one of the following:

  1. On the Menu Bar click Help then select Photoshop Elements help from the drop down menu.

  2. Press the F1 Key.


Figure H1 - Photoshop Elements Main Help Screen.

Figure H2
Help Screen with the Index Tab and contents displayed.

Photoshop Elements is a very popular application. Additional help is not in short supply and comes in many forms. You can find countless web sites that offer free tutorials and hints. Several books have also been written about this fine image manipulation program.