The Digital Darkroom
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All illustrations and graphics  done using Photoshop Elements.


Cookie Cutter Tool

Cookie Cutter used in conjunction with other effects.

Cookie Cutter used in conjunction with other effects.

Cookie Cutter Options bar part I

Cookie Cutter Options bar part II

The Cookie Cutter tool crops a photo into a shape you choose. After you drag the shape in your photo, you can move and resize the shape until you have just the area you’d like.

Click the Cookie Cutter tool in the tool box .
Options Bar Part I
In the options bar select the shape of your tool.

Set the other options in the option bar.

View this by clicking the small down arrow in the shape options area of the options bar.

bulletAny size or dimension
bulletDefined Proportions
bulletKeeps the height to width ratio in proportion.
bulletDefined Size
bulletCrops the image to the exact size of your shape.
bulletFixed Size
bulletType the measurements for the shape.
bulletFrom Center
bulletDraws the shape centered from where you first click in the editor window.

You can soften the edges of your shape by setting a number larger than 1 in the Feather option.

Options Bar Part II

Use the options in the second options bar to fine tune the shape when you like the shape click the check mark, or press enter

Original Image

Tree shape from cookie cutter.