Looking at the work area

When you open Photoshop Elements a welcome screen is displayed (Figure I-1). The welcome screen puts you one-click away from to the main features in the program.

FIGURE I-1 PE 7 Welcome Screen

From the welcome screen you have one-click access to tasks such as the Organizer, Creations, and Editing windows.  With a single click the task of your choosing is launched. You can choose to have Elements start with the Welcome Screen, Editor or Organizer. Use the option list in the lower left corner of the Welcome Screen to select the option that best suites you.



For now we want to take a look at the work area and get to know our way around it. Click on the Edit  Icon in figure I-3


Photoshop Elements 8 Welcome Screen  


Selection Tools
Type Masking
Party Balloons
Pumpkin Carving 101
Paint Brush
Red Eye Removal
Adjusting Images
Image Restoration
Cookie Cutter

images to work and play with


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